I am an artist and video-maker and I create art that draws on a lived experience of being a new mother. Prior to the birth of my now two years old son, I focused particularly on portraiture painting and drawing from life. After my son’s birth, I decided to work entirely through video.
My current art practice explores the relationship between a mother/artist and her child through video work. In chronicling my own experience of motherhood, my work captures and is a memento of a unique period in my life - having a baby, being a first-time parent and striving to complete college - which I felt could not be articulated in words. I incorporate Czech experimental and surrealist animation traditions to create an original work that is evocative and resonant of the often disorientating maternal experience. I use direct approach to live action video juxtaposed with stop-motion (claymotion) techniques which are broadly used by the Czech film maker Jan Svankmajer. Editing and sound effects are a major focus of my self-directed work and attention to colour is an important part at later stages.

© 2019 by BARA PALCIK.

 For my son